Drawing is a large part of my practice, as a basis for my own work and for drawing workshops. Click on the thumbnails to view additional images.

Irregular Edges

cartridge paper, pigment, acrylic ink.

Snow Drawing: Red Deer Line

snow, pigment

A line of pigment laid in deer tracks down to the Kincardine burn.

Sand Drawings

watercolour paper, sand

A series of drawings made on Oxwich Beach, Gower, South Wales.

Daylight Drawing

MDF board, acrylic, graphite pencil. 1440 mm x 730 mm

Calculations of minutes between sunrise and sunset for 365 days for Edinburgh's geographical co-ordinates.

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The central white area indicates the shape of daylight over a calendar year, with january 1st being the top line and December 31st the bottom.

57°19'51.49"N 3°43"52.43"W

acrylic sheet, paint pen, mdf, acrylic paint, strip light.

A drawing formed from the calculations of daylight minutes over 365 days at co-ordinates 57°19'51.49"N 3°43"52.43"W 1440 mm x 730 mm

Drawing Project

acrylic ink, acetate, water, cardboard, projection slides

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nails, acrylic ink, oil pastel, watercolour, tissue paper, pva medium, watercolour paper



watercolour, masking fluid, gum arabic, watercolour paper



graphite, tracing paper. Each layer of paper contains an element of the drawing, once all of the layers are hung together, they form the image.