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I use my camera in the same way that other artist's use a sketchbook. I see things differently through the viewfinder, as though the framing is pinpointing the element of interest. Often my photos are a record of a moment or a fleeting image, which I later use for reference in the studio. I also use photography to group together areas of interest: light, line, shadow, reflections.

Linear Motion


In Motion


Minus 19º C

Some winter images that need no introduction



'Nocturn (A Moon Landing)' Cornellia Parker event, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh. Saturday May 9th, 2009. Students from eca were very kindly invited to attend the realization of the proposal submitted by Cornellia Parker to scatter the grounds of this amazing sculpture garden with fragments of a lunar meteorite.

Masking Shadows

These images are part of the watercolour drawings series of work. I was facinated by the cast shadows made by the pieces of masking fluid that were removed during the making of the drawings, by recording their existence it gives these forms as much importance as the drawings they helped create .

Studio Sinks

The everyday sink that we all take for granted, once I started noticing the variety of sinks, the difference in design of the plughole rose and the patterns that the detritus forms in them, I began to record them. Intriguing images can be found amoungst the reduntant paint, rags, drawing pins and bristles. The history of the work created within the studio is contained within the sink, often a momentary existence.


A collaborative project with Kyoto Seika University, October 2008. This trip was the final part of a project between Edinburgh College of Art (eca) and Kyoto Seika University (KSU).

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