Restricted - Voyage Boxed (2014)

The exhibition Voyage: sea journeys, island hopping and trans-oceanic concepts was held at K├╝nstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany, in 2013, curated by artists Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch. Voyage, purposefully shown in a land locked city, brought together artists with works that explored the theme in often subtle and less obvious ways than one would expect. The curators wanted Voyage to tour, this boxed version is their creative answer to the issues involved with touring exhibitions.

Restricted is a four page concertina 'chapter' in Voyage Boxed (Edition of 50) Pages from Ian Stephen's notebook-logs from voyages aboard yacht El Vigo, were developed through the photo-gravure print process on Somerset paper.

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Acts of Trust -handmade book

Hammermuhle paper, ink, silver thread, craft paper

A Japanese folded book which forms the documentation of the Acts of Trust project with storyteller/ writer/ poet, Ian Stephen. Three stories were told to school groups and then led into blind drawing exercises to visualise the story. The story was condensed by Stephen to minimal texts to accompany the images.

Traditional Relief and Intaglio printing processes were used with photo-polymer plates, with the assistance of Highland Print Studio, Inverness


Creative Drain

Linear Motion

Lost Soles

Minus 19┬║

Winter Chess Set